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Bug Removal In Indianapolis, IN - Whats Bugging You

  • Ants
  • In Indiana ant issues are very common, with the three most invasive varieties being the Pavement, odorous house and pharaoh (also known as the sugar ant). All 3 types are common to see in homes and all can be very irritating to find. Ants tend to enter homes looking for warm damp areas to colonize, also looking for sweet or sugary smelling foods or just some animal foods give off an inviting aroma to ants who are quick to jump at the opportunity for new sources of food and shelter. Mostly located in kitchens Ants are a nuisance that no one hopes to come home to.
  • Spiders
  • Spiders are both good and bad, good because they can help handle other bug issues around a home, but also bad, because a bite from one has major health risks involved. Spiders tend to follow other bugs so if you are seeing their numbers grow either inside or outside your home it is pretty safe to say there are other bug issues in close proximity.
  • Cockroaches
  • In your kitchen and home roaches are a terror both just seeing them and the health risks they pose.  With the ability to transmit a plethora of diseases (and the ability to cause respiratory issues or make them worse i.e. Asthma), because these unhygienic scavengers follow the food and are constantly leaving their waste on the surfaces where food is tend to be prepped on salmonella is a risk at all times with a known roach issue. Often occupying the inside of appliances, cabinets, drawers and even inside your walls, these resilient and pesky insects need to be treated as soon as one is see. The rule for roaches is for every one seen there are a hundred unseen.
  • Silverfish
  • Known sometimes as the carpet shark, silverfish are a small slender flat bodied insect that can potentially inhabit the whole home. Drawn to warm humid air and areas of high moisture, feeding on Clothing, paper items glue products and food items such as flour and oats they have the ability to live anywhere in a home and thrive. But with proper handling of the situation and the know how, we are able to relieve a home of these pesky invaders before it gets out of hand.
  • Stinkbugs
  • We all know that with the coming of spring in Indiana also comes the dreaded stink bug. Usually sticking to the outside of homes because the eating habits of these smelly insects are plants, fruit and sometimes even other insects. Stink bugs have the ability to multiply at an incredible rate laying up to 400 eggs at one time. More just a nuisance for their unfriendly fragrance and quantity stink bugs are still a risk for allergies and causing other respiratory issues to worsen.
  • Fleas
  • The common flea, typically picked up from animal to animal contact and brought into the home, is one of the most irritating and potentially disastrous insects that can be acquired. With the appearance of just a tiny black dot the flea is able to jump and move and infect a home in no time flat. With the initial signs being tiny bites on your body, to allergic reactions and in some more detrimental cases can cause nasty infections, parasites and in the worst case scenario these little bugs are able to transmit strains of the plague to animals and people. They should be treated immediately, you never know when one of these flea infestations are going to get out of hand (and they can very quickly with their ability to lay up to 50 eggs a day).
  • Bedbugs
  • Tiny little insects that love to feed on blood, living under your mattress, is not something that people get very excited about having. Leaving little bites on your body and blood dots on your sheets are the signs these nasty insects are living in your home. Very resilient and hard to get rid of, the bedbug is a pest capable of transferring disease through their bites so getting them taken care of at the first sight is absolutely crucial because a bedbug outbreak can take over a home in no time at all.
  • Ticks
  • Out in nature these nasty little bugs thrive on the blood of animals and humans alike so if you are a nature person these pests are a very likely thing for you to come across. Spreading very harmful diseases theses guys can make who or whatever comes into contact with them very sick so treating for them and getting their population down in your area can be a real lifesaver. Your animals will thank you also.
  • Termites
  • Nobody wants their house to fall in around them, but with a termite infestation that is always a possibility. burrowing into the wooden structure of your home and weaking the strength of the walls and floors around you disaster could be around any corner and noone wants the expensive fix of replacing all that wood so the quick and timely treatment of termites could save you thousands on repairs and keep your home safe.
  • Flies
  • The annoying buzzing and just being in places where they shouldn't. Flies are carriers of some nasty diseases such as E. coli, cholera and typhoid fever. When flies land the hairs they leave behind or whatever is hitching a ride on their limbs is transfered to the surface they are touching like the counters you cook your food on or the food itself. So for your sanity and health in general treating these pesky flying insects should be a priority.
  • Hornets and Wasps
  • With the capability to live in nests on your home or even in nests created underground these aggressive stinging insects are not what you want around. Having the ability to sting you over and over again a swarm of these things is not something you want to deal with because if you are allergic or enough sting you, the health consequences can be fatal in some instances. Please dont wait for it to be too late to have a nest dealt with.
  • Mosquitos
  • Attracted to standing water and the love to feed on blood. No one wants to be outside trying to enjoy a peaceful night just to end up being bit over and over by these mosquitos. Capable of leaving nasty itchy bumps allover your body and transmitting some nasty diseases you should have them treated as soon as you can.
  • Bees
  • We at Critter Removal understand that bees can be kind of a nuiscance but Bees are a vital part of the environment so with conservation in mind we are teaming up with beekeepers from across the state so that the vital bee population is not hindered in anyway. The bees can be safely rehomed to keep our planet beautiful, to areas where they can thrive and carry on with their necessary job.
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