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 Fox Removal in Indianapolis, Indiana and Surrounding Areas


Fox Removal in Indianapolis, Indiana and Surrounding Areas 

The red fox is a small wild dog capable of hurting small pets like cats and small dogs, which a great reason to get fox control services. When you need fox removal, Indianapolis residents can turn to Affordable Wildlife Control. A fox will have a pointed muzzle, prominent ears and a long, bushy tail tipped in white. They appear yellowish-red from a distance. A closer look will reveal the white belly, throat, and inner ears. Other color phases occur, but they are not common. The long guard hairs making up their colorful pelt cause them to appear larger than they are. The average adult weighs from 8 to 14 pounds.

Distribution: Red foxes seldom use dens except for rearing young. A search for a nursery begins in December when the pair inspects burrows and previous fox dens. The den selected may be located in the open or in the woods. It is well-drained and usually has at least two entrances.

Reproduction: One litter is born each year in March or April, Litters may range from one to twelve. The average number of pups is five or six. Newborn foxes are blind until nine days old and are constantly attended to by their mother until several weeks old. The male delivers food to his family during this period of confinement. The pups first venture outside the den under the guidance of parents when they are a month old. The next two months are spent with parents learning to survive on their own. The family group disbands in late summer, living separately until December.

If a fox is around, your cat may be bait! Get Fox Control Now!

At Critter Removal, we understand the challenges and potential risks that fox infestations can bring to your property. Whether you're in Indianapolis, Indiana, or the surrounding areas, our dedicated team specializes in professional fox removal services. We offer certified experts and humane trapping and relocation techniques to ensure your safety and the well-being of these animals.

Why Choose Us for Fox Removal in Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas?

  • Certified Fox Removal:

    Our team consists of certified experts with extensive knowledge of fox behavior and effective removal techniques.

  • Guaranteed Results:

    We stand by the effectiveness of our services with a guarantee for a fixed price. No hidden fees or surprises.

  • Humane Fox Control:

    We prioritize humane fox control solutions that ensure the safety of both your property and the foxes themselves.

  • Local Knowledge:

    Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, we have an in-depth understanding of fox habits specific to this region.

  • Prompt Response:

    When you reach out to us, you can expect a swift and efficient response to address your fox issues.

Our Fox Removal Services in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Surrounding Areas:

  • Expert Fox Removal:

    Our experienced team will safely and effectively remove foxes from your property.

  • Humane Trapping and Relocation:

    We use humane trapping and relocation techniques to ensure the well-being of foxes while preventing future infestations.

  • Property Restoration:

    We'll repair any damage caused by foxes and restore your property to its best condition.

  • Wildlife-Proofing Your Property:

    Prevent future fox infestations with our wildlife-proofing services.

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Don't let foxes disrupt your peace of mind any longer. For expert fox removal services in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the surrounding areas, contact Critter Removal. Our certified experts are ready to address your fox issues promptly and effectively.

What our clients Are Saying

This company is amazing! They worked diligently to remove our bats and came out several times when the bats came back free of charge. Very nice people and very responsive!! I will use them again if needed!

Gina Purcell October 7, 2022

"Lord knows I wasn't gonna get up on the roof" Said a wise man once. These guys professionally got rid of our Vermin problem and patched up our house. A racoon to be exact. No animal were harmed. They lure them out and make sure they cannot return. Very humane way to deal with racoons...if you're into racoons. I'm just happy he moved on.

Scott Hughes September 15, 2022
Jessica Khan August 31, 2022
eric angleton August 21, 2022

Hannah and the team spent alot of time patching the entry points. Several trips out - they were committed. They were able to keep the squirrel out for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, she chewed back in and continued to do more damage to our home. Since Critter Control doesn't trap and remove we were left to find another outfit to finish the job. Paid Critter Control a small fortune and we were still not rid of the "Critter".

GiGi Powell June 16, 2022

Did a great job removing some raccoons for a couple friends of mine. Highly recommended by other professional contractors I know.

George Dante June 5, 2022