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 Rabbit Removal & Control in Indianapolis, IN and Surrounding Areas


Rabbit Removal & Control in Indianapolis, IN and Surrounding Areas 

If you are having problems keeping the local rabbits under control, consider getting ahold of us for rabbit pest control services.

The eastern cottontail rabbit is found throughout Indiana. The cottontail is reddish-brown to gray along the back and sides, while the underside is gray to white. The underside of the tail is snow white and is very bright when the rabbit runs, thus the name “cottontail.”

Reproduction: Cottontails usually mate in January or February, and by the first of March, most of them would have mated. About 28 days after mating, the young are born, given a quick bath by the female, and placed in the nest. Young rabbits grow extremely fast. By the end of the first week, they have their eyes open, and by the end of the second week, they are beginning to leave the nest and feed on green plants. At this time they still weigh only about four ounces but are well developed and able to survive on their own. Litters may range from three to nine, with four or five about average. By six months, the young have reached the minimum adult weight and are hard to distinguish from adults.

Food Habits: The cottontail’s weight at maturity is 2 1/2 to three pounds. Almost anyone who has found a newly planted seedling cut off or tree bark damaged may consider the cottontail a pest.

What our clients Are Saying

This company is amazing! They worked diligently to remove our bats and came out several times when the bats came back free of charge. Very nice people and very responsive!! I will use them again if needed!

Gina Purcell October 7, 2022

"Lord knows I wasn't gonna get up on the roof" Said a wise man once. These guys professionally got rid of our Vermin problem and patched up our house. A racoon to be exact. No animal were harmed. They lure them out and make sure they cannot return. Very humane way to deal with racoons...if you're into racoons. I'm just happy he moved on.

Scott Hughes September 15, 2022
Jessica Khan August 31, 2022
eric angleton August 21, 2022

Hannah and the team spent alot of time patching the entry points. Several trips out - they were committed. They were able to keep the squirrel out for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, she chewed back in and continued to do more damage to our home. Since Critter Control doesn't trap and remove we were left to find another outfit to finish the job. Paid Critter Control a small fortune and we were still not rid of the "Critter".

GiGi Powell June 16, 2022

Did a great job removing some raccoons for a couple friends of mine. Highly recommended by other professional contractors I know.

George Dante June 5, 2022