Listen to the audio file and guess the type of animal, its location. Explain why you came up with the answer.

Compensation: 16-20 and hour + commission: Factors that determine hourly are useful skills. Example: construction, roofing.

Estimated $2,000.00 - $3,000.00+ per month. You would be a Contractor and your commission will be directly correlated to the the efficiency and satisfaction of our clients.

Weekday and Weekend positions available.

We are a full-service wildlife removal company, from bats to coyotes. Customer service abilities and professional attitudes are what we are looking for.

We are proud of our company and only provide a five-star service. We are effective and invested in our customer's satisfaction.

  A normal day of work explained: After getting debriefed on information and the days tasks to complete. You would be going from location to location. Inspecting, diagnosing, repairing and removing animals. You would operate a company vehicle.

When it comes to removing animals, the process is rarely hands-on. Mostly you would use exclusionary methods to kick an animal out of a location and keep them out by installing barriers.

*$500 signing bonus after a 90-day period*


We are looking for those who are self-disciplined, problem solvers, and looking to become a member of a team.

Those who excel in this position are; salesmen, ex-military, competitive, critical thinkers, and those who enjoy being around wildlife.


Qualities and Abilities;


-General knowledge of light Repair work (would be trained)

-Comfortable with heights and roofs

-A professional and friendly attitude

-Ability to maneuver small spaces like attics and crawlspaces.

-Time Management

Must be 21 or older

Must have a good driving record

*You would have to provide a nuisance wildlife permit for the state of Indiana and provide proof of insurances* direction and assistance will be given to help provide all required paperwork

If your resume lines up with what we are looking for expect a request to set up a time and day for a brief phone interview. We would then further assess if you would be a good fit with an in person interview.

After that, we would orientate you and perform supplemental training at $20 an hour. After a week of ride along with a member of our team you would be hired or thanked for your time.