You would become affluent in animal behaviors, sounds and ways to resolve animal issues. Listen to the audio file below and make an educated guess as to what animal is making these noises and where.

We are proud of our company and only provide a five-star service. We are efficient and invested in our customer's satisfaction.

You would be going from house to house, inspecting, diagnosing, repairing and removing animals. You will receive your route for the day and information on appointments to keep tasks to complete. When it comes to removing animals, the process is rarely hands-on. It is done by use of cages or traps unless otherwise required for example if there are immobile kits (squirrel babies) in an attic. Or if there is an animal stuck in a cabinet.


-Respect for animals.
-To be conscientious.
-Ability to move a 32-foot ladder on your own.
-A good driving record.
-General ability to use basic tools and deductive reasoning skills.
-Professional and friendly attitude as you will be informing customers throughout the process of animal catching, animal habits and of their repairs needed.
-Ability to maneuver small spaces like attics and crawlspaces.
-Ability to manage time.
-Keeping logs of visits and services performed

Personal Traits that are important for this position:
-Interpersonal skills
-Enjoying helping people

-Explaining /selling our services.
-Following DNR's regulations.
-Keeping a professional appearance and wearing a company uniform.

Full-time employment